Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Sure, Al Gore won an Oscar and a Nobel Peace Prize, but big deal....that and $3.50 will get you a Chai Tea Latte at Starbucks. I still dont feel that Al Gore has gotten nearly enough credit in the past couple of years. I hope this doesnt leave too big of a carbon footprint when you all read this but I wanted to express some gratitude to him for his greatest contribution yet...the Internet.

As we all know, during the 70's the techmology was created for the internet. As far as I recollect, *Al Gore slaved away in his garage, driven by visions of chatrooms and E Harmony, Al wrote code after code. This visionary man's dream has come to fruition and I thought I could highlight some of the best the internet has to offer....

A great site, created by another celebrity Michael Vick. His time in prison is proving to be rather productive. This site is for not for the animal lover or the faint of heart. If you like the rawness of the animal world, you've struck gold with this one

This one is for the more discriminating animal lover. No claws or fangs, but a View (A gratuitous shot of Meredith Viera(?) to start off the clip=added bonus) of what life could be like if we were still in the Garden. Get out a kleenex, if you dont cry while watching this, your personality is more Data than Captain Kirk.

Finally, an oldie but a goodie--maybe some of you havent seen this yet. If you are serious about the dark arts (spencer, we know you are...if you werent you wouldnt try to full mount guys every saturday at the open mat), then you need to learn the art of ninjitsu. There is no better place to learn about ninjitsu than the internet and no better virtual dojo than this website. I apologize for the inevitable spike in violence that will result all over Utah once you browse this site.

The point of all of this is to thank Al "the internet" Gore for his contributions to society...and I feel there might be no better way than a list of sites that make us happy. Please, list some of your own to pay Homage to this Great American!

*The following is NOT an accurate history. Or so the W's smear campaign would have us believe

Monday, October 15, 2007

Back in Black

Alright, i am not even sure if anyone is going to even notice that I am back to blogging....but here I go. If no one makes comments, then I am spamming the hell out of your email boxes to ensure that I get some "blogger love".

I just wanted to get a little insight into what my family is thinking about when it comes to politics. No judgments, just curiosity...

I am not an expert, but I will go out on a limb and say that, in my humble opinion, we are going to have a new president in 2008. I will also venture to say that the new president could be a man or a woman...or even a mormon. So who are you pulling for?

I personally would like to see Obama take the democratic nod into '08 but I am afraid that is somewhat of a pipedream (especially with his small fumbles as of late). I prefer his common sense approach to health care reform, his track record with the war and his views revolving around civil liberties (habeus etc...).

Having recognized that Obama will likely lose out to the sexier Clinton, I admit that I plan on voting for her over the Italian Stallion, The Stormin' Mormon or even the 2nd coming of Ronald Reagan. The main reasons for my decision to vote for a democrat are, 1. the way I feel a democrat will deal with the "war on terror", 2. supreme court appointees, 3. Civil liberties issues. Lets be honest, the rest of the issues are more subtle differences of opinion...

Monday, April 9, 2007

Mom and Dad

My father possesses one of the brightest mind that I know and I have loved experiencing him “in his element” as one of my professors. This experience will forever be an important one to me and one for which I will always remain grateful. The unique opportunity of going through the “trial” of law school with my father was the reason that I chose to move to Las Vegas and it has proven to be worth it. Don’t worry dad, the 2.4 GPA I mentioned in previous posts was just a big joke. My GPA is WAY higher…at least a 2.6.

In typical selfless fashion, for years my mother spent hours and hours typing out my handwritten book reports and papers. She learned more than she likely would have wanted to about my perspective on everything from the book Hatchet to the Revolutionary War. In the process of helping me, she taught me that learning was important and something that you have to work for.

With all of my complaining about law school and the prospects of work as an attorney, I thought I could show you that I still have the right perspective on a few things. Thanks for everything! I love you

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I am not sure if there would be any interest among the cousins and family, but i thought it would be fun to do a fantasy baseball league. It would be casual and wouldnt require a ton of attention... but it would give us a reason to pay some attention to baseball (now that the kissing bandit has effectively retired). It would also be a way to stay in cousins, wives, husbands, fathers, mothers, uncles, you are officially invited.

If anyone is interested, I will gladly set everything up for us. We should do a draft this weekend since the games start on Sunday. Let me know, and if we have at least 8 then i say we do it.

ps...i have one person on board so far (Jayme), but i am going to be pro-active and send everyone the link to a league i set up. It took 10 seconds to do, so PLEASE DONT FEEL OBLIGATED to join if you dont feel like it. I dont have everyone's email address though so just tell me if i didnt send it to you but you would like to join.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hey Reb!

Alright so it didnt work out too well for us last night. But lets be honest, how could we have predicted that a 5'6 18 year old would shoot over 75% from the 3 point line. The kid had the game of his life and there is really nothing you could do about that.
I will give credit where it is due...congratulations Bore-gon.

Rebel Forces...

Alright so I didnt think of the title on my own...but I figured that if I am going to capture the attention of a bunch of sci-fi dorks, I had better use catch phrases you can relate to.

Having said that, I had to give props to my "New" team. It hasnt been easy rising from the dust left by Tark the Shark but for the first time in 16 years the Runnin' Rebels are back in the sweet 16....and Las Vegas couldnt be happier.

Bo Ryan, pictured above, discovered quickly that playing the Rebels can make you look like a dumbass. As Wisconsin became their latest victim, UNLV screwed up the entire nation's bracket. The Badgers should be the only team more frustrated than UNLV by the disrespect of 7 seed...they can thank the Mountain West's TV contract for that one.

As opposed to the glory days of UNLV, the rebels arent running this year. The Rebels' defense has locked teams down on their way to tallying 30 wins for the first time since Grandmama became the first NCAA player to take a pay cut to enter the NBA draft. Unfortunately, the cheating is gone, but the winning is back!

Kevin Kruger and Wendell White take on the Oregon Sucks this Friday and need the support of the Blakesley family. I know that some of you already caught some rebel fever in the MWC tourney (maybe...? just a little bit??) and I am begging for some positive vibrations this weekend. There is only one "cindarella" team left (Butler is Lame), and if you arent already behind them, it is time to jump on the bandwagon.

For future reference during the game...when you hear the "reeeeeebels" chant after we hit a big shot, the correct hand motion is similar to the "Tomahawk Chop" (dont worry, as opposed to teams owned by insensitive lames like Ted Turner, none of "our people" are disrespected during the rebels' song) but with a pause at both ends to mirror the cadence of the song. I expect each of you to throw it from your couches as the Rebs do the MWC proud....